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Bachelor of Arts, Newcastle University. 1999


Master of Teaching, Sydney University.  2001

Girl Power (SA)  Instructor Training.


Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training.


Professional Certificate of Adolescent Counselling, Monash University. (Certificate of Attendance)


First Moon Circle Facilitator Training with Charlotte Pointeaux


Up to date anaphylaxis and first aid

Child safe e learning

Keeping children safe in organizations

Office of the Children's Guardian

Working with children no - 


ABN 40120630987


   My Programs

 I have worked as an English, Drama and Learning Support teacher in high schools across Newcastle and Sydney for almost 20 years and have extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development.


My programs are based on the principles of positive psychology; and focus on preventative positive mental health, and use the PERMA model of wellbeing. We explore positive emotions, (Feelings of happiness, joy, or being content)  engagement,    ( How we feel interested and absorbed in life) relationships, (How to manage them and  have boundaries in them) meaning,(Feeling life is valuable) and accomplishment (Feeling capable, our sense of achievement and exploring our strengths).


Body Heart Spirit Smart provides a fun, creative and safe environment for children to flourish. We provide a range of activities ( Role play, drama games, craft, art, discussion, problem solving, drawing, partner and small group work)  that encourage young people to learn, explore, create and connect. We provide opportunities for children to have a voice and to be listened to and valued. 

This is a place that welcomes diversity, inclusivity and cultural difference.

Body Heart Spirit Smart is not a counselling service, it is a space for girls, away from the world of school, to find friendship, fun, confidence, social skills and empowerment with a teacher who believes in respect and kindness, above all else, (except maybe unicorns, donuts, roller skating and laughter, they are worth believing in too.)

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The Sunflower Plan is a creative program that runs for 9 weeks and is designed for for 8 - 11 year old girls.

Each session is 1.5 hours, and includes a variety of activities including art , craft, drama, role play, discussions, worksheets, and games. This program is in line with the Australian Curriculum.​

This program is about connecting girls in a safe and inclusive space, away from the world of school to find friendship, fun, confidence, social skills and empowerment with a teacher who believes in respect and kindness, above all else, ( Above all else except maybe unicorns, donuts, roller skating and laughter, they are worth believing in too.)

​Weekly topics include:

Week 1 - Being YOU-nique.​

Week 2 - Positive Self Talk and having a Growth Mindset.​

Week 3 - Positive Friendships.​

Week 4 - Dealing with Friendship Challenges.​

Week 5 - Mindfulness and Creative Relaxation.

Week 6 - Gratitude Attitude.

Week 7 - Your Strengths and Celebrating YOU!​

Week 8 - Healthy Habits and Self-Care.​

Week 9 - Girl Power and the Sisterhood!

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Flourish is a  9 week program for girls in high school - (Girls 13 to 16). Each session is 1.5 hours long and includes a variety of activities including: worksheets, journals, vibrant discussion, games, art/craft, and brainstorms.

FLOURISH is a program that supports teenage girls in a safe environment, to develop self confidence, share weekly successes and concerns, and complete weekly topics that are empowering and creative.


FLOURISH is designed to help our girls connect and thrive,  as they grow into young adults who make values- based decisions. This program aims to improve communication skills and self esteem, which ultimately leads to improved health outcomes, healthier relationships and a positive mindset.

Weekly topics include:

Lesson 1 - Being YOU and your Changing Identity.

Lesson 2 - Positive Friendships and Healthy Relationships.         

Lesson 3 - Having Strong Boundaries.              

Lesson 4 - Being part of the Sisterhood - Girl Power.

Lesson 5 - Menstrual Wellness  and Self Care.

Lesson 6 - Positive Social Media and Messaging.

Lesson 7 - Your Teen Brain and Mindfulness.

 Lesson8 - Letting go of Negativity.

Lesson 9 - Goals and Gratitude.





















The Butterfly Moment - is a  nine week  program for girls who are finishing year 6 or starting year 7.

The Butterfly Moment gives girls a safe space to connect, and support one another as they take flight, from the cocoon of primary school, into the world of high school.


The workshop includes a variety of activities including: craft, drama games, role play, discussions, worksheets, brainstorms and group, partner and individual activities . 


The Butterfly Moment workshop gives girls the opportunity to reflect on their expectations, worries and hopes for this next, exciting stage of their lives and covers the following topics:

Lesson 1 - Look at your beautiful wings! ( Getting to know YOU!)

Lesson 2 - The butterflies in your tummy - worries about high school (Problem solving                    / myths about high school/ who you can turn to/ ways to manage.)

Lesson 3 - Bouncing back when you hit the ground. (Resilience and growth mindset)

Lesson 4 - How to plant and grow flowery friendships.

Lesson 5 - How to deal with thorny friendships (And why boundaries make a great                          cocoon!)

Lesson 6 - Positive social media and messaging (For the social butterfly!)

Lesson 7 - What your teen brain is doing and mindfulness / things that can help.

Lesson 8 - Tips and tips for staying on top of things and what to expect in High                              School.

Lesson 9 - Goals and dreams for year 7.

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First Moon Circles are a beautiful and empowering alternative to traditional period education featuring craft, conversations and a special parent- daughter celebration that educate children to thrive during puberty and the rite of passage of menarche (their first period).

These informative, fun and inclusive spaces share wisdom, support, and foster community around girls and people identifying as female, and their parents / carers to disrupt the pattern of menstrual and body shame, and to bring periods and puberty out into the open.

Who are these events suitable for?


This First Moon Circle is perfect for girls aged 9-12. Whether she has started her period in the last 1-2 years, hasn't bled yet, or if any of her friends have - this is the perfect opportunity to girls to feel proud, gain knowledge, become empowered and know how to support herself physically, emotionally and spiritually as she enters womanhood.


*These events are inclusive and safe spaces for all people. It is open to people with periods who wish to learn how to support their wellbeing during puberty, including those identifying as gender diverse and trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, people living with disability and other minority identities. You are welcome here.


 What's involved?


We start with a 2h experience just for the girls to come together, have fun, be silly, make new friends, and learn accurate information about what's happening to their physical body, as well as their emotional and spiritual selves as they approach and encounter menarche (the first period, or first moon). During this time we'll talk about all the physical changes girls encounter, what's normal and not so normal, we'll talk self-care and hygiene, and how to handle surprise blood (because you just know they'll be at school or on camp when it arrives!). We'll also get hands on and playful with natural, healthy and organic sanitary items such as pads and liners, moon cups, tampons and period undies, helping girls get really comfortable with the products and relaxed about caring for themselves gently around their first moon time.


After the girls session, you, her Mother, Grandmother, or guardian are then invited to join us for a short afternoon tea to celebrate this beautiful rite of passage and to pave the way for you and your daughter be able to speak freely, comfortably and openly at home over the months to come. We'll bead a bracelet to help the girls understand the concept of a monthly cycle, and to remind them of this day for years to come. I'll lead the girls on a gentle facilitated Q&A, before Mums/Nanas/Carers are invited to join us for a short celebratory afternoon tea to share what the girls have discovered, whilst the elders are invited to share positive guidance and beautiful wishes they have for the girls in their lifetime.


Each participant will leave feeling more confident in their knowledge of what's to come, what the sanitary and self-care options open to them are based on their personal preference, and very importantly, an open channel to discuss periods and puberty (and who knows what else!) with their family afterwards. If friends attend together, then of course they gain the added benefit of sisterhood, having this shared experience to refer back to, and to share wisdom with their other friends. 


Each participant will receive:

A take-home gift bag featuring her own 'moon kit' (a combination of sanitary samples, and beautiful self-care items to remind her of this special day)


 A 22 page keepsake guidebook full of the wisdom and knowledge she'll need to see her through puberty.


Plus her own handmade beaded bracelet to remind her of the magic of her cycle and self - care.





















A loving space to Write and Reflect and Connect and drink tea! 

This circle is about connecting to your community, sharing yourself with the sisterhood and coming to a place where you can hear and share your experiences and stories.

It will make you laugh, cry and remember.

Each week you will be given short writing prompts and exercises. In our circle, we spend time writing, then we share our work, and our worlds, hearts and vulnerabilities. It is magical and powerful and utterly wonderful.


I will teach you simple ways to improve your writing and bring it to life, but more importantly you will learn the importance of sharing story and the connection it brings.

Each session is 2 hours.

Week 1 - All about me.

Week 2 - Writing about place - sensory imagery.

Week 3 - Using metaphor and symbol.

Week 4 - Moment writing.

Week 5 - Writing about childhood.

Week 6 - Writing about people.

Week 7 - Writing about change.

Week 8 - The big share - Final reading of your favourite piece of writing from the course and bring a plate.

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